Monday, July 21, 2014

Mount Rainier & Our History

It's hot summertime and as there is little genealogical society doings going on, I thought to share some thoughts on Washington history.

Can you imagine doing this? Here is Fay Fuller (1869-1958) in her climbing gear. She was the first woman to summit on Mount Rainier in about 1890. Can you imagine any kind of hiking in that garb??? I noticed especially the un-warm hat and the "pantaloons" showing under the obligatory skirt. And probably plain old leather boot-shoes? Our mother-ancestors did do things like mountain climbing right along with their men-folks and images like this prove that fact.

How much do we even know about our most famous Washington mountain? I'll send a free gift to everybody and anybody who answers these questions........ and two gifts for NOT using Google!

1.  Who gave Mount Rainier its "white" name? (It was known as Tahoma for eons to the Indians.)
2.  When did Mount Rainier become part of the National Park system?
3.  What year did the first automobiles enter Mount Rainier Park?
4.  How high is Mount Rainier?
5.  When did Mount Rainier last erupt?
6.  Do experts think it will erupt again?
7.  Is Mount Rainier one peak or two peaks or three peaks?
8.  Have you ever climbed Mount Rainier?
9.  Have you ever flown over Mount Rainier?
10. Which of these animals has not been spotted on Mount Rainier:  Bald eagle, Black bear, Elk, Marmot, Sea Star, or Stellar's jay?

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