Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our Wonderful Washington!

Drove the 800 mile round trip from Spokane to Port Angeles and back last weekend to visit son and family. Snoqualmie Pass was sunny and bare and I marveled all the way over our fantastic Washington scenery..... and how on earth can a Scenic View be CLOSED! But going west down to the Columbia River, there it was.

Coming back across, the view from the Kingston-Edmonds ferry of the Seattle skyline, with Mt. Rainier looming in the background, was awesome.... can you spot the Space Needle?

And the view from the ferry north to Mt. Baker was equally stunning:

Gotta love our WSDOT cameras which show the roads and (more importantly) the passes in real time, day or night. Gives one confidence to tackle a trip! This is the camera view from today at "my" approach into Spokane but Snoqualmie looked just like this yesterday........ bare!  (Do you check the WSDOT cameras before you venture forth??) 


In case anybody was missing my posts, I did scribble a bunch in advance but did not properly schedule them........ you'll get a big bunch in the next little bit. Just in case you missed me.......


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  1. The variety and beauty of Washington is the major reason we do most of our RVing right here in our own state. Did you ever figure out why the Scenic View was closed? Can't imagine that the view had disappeared...