Friday, August 22, 2014

WSGS 2014 Conference Arlington, Washington Day 3 and 4

Got up early and unhooked from the services, drove to the conference center early to find a level parking spot as the refrigerator got pretty warm the day before, then we had breakfast in the parking lot as it filled up. Watching all the volunteers was great also. Our cousin Ardys Vaughn parked right next to us and the Historical Records Project van was on the other side of us.
Josh Taylor was the first speaker on Saturday, his topic was Evaluating and Documenting Online Sources. His message was that URL's change so document the web site owner as this will not change.

 My next class was by Steven Morrison titled: Start Writing Your Ancestors Legacy Depends upon it. I have heard that many genealogists want to finish their research before they do the writing, but that might never happen. So start writing now.

Next was lunch a barbeque of hamburgers, potato salad and chips. It was interesting that we all picked the same chips on our table. They also had us tear our meal ticket in half, as the second half was for desert, an ice cream vendor set up his mobile pedal freezer in the parking lot and we got our choice of ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cones or frozen bars.
Before lunch was a group picture of all the attendees in the hall by the auditorium.
After lunch was Josh again, his topic now was The Web, the World and YOU (Advanced Internet Researching), where he told about researching with his grandmother and finally finding his immigrant ancestor.
My next class was by Margie Beldin in the AHS Commons titled Anything but Genealogy: Non Genealogy Software for the Genealogist, and Margie is a wiz at showing these programs and how they can make your life easier.

In the Commons was this picture, and so I took a photo of it also.

Last session was Josh again titled Putting it Together: A Case Study, where he wrapped up all the research to finally find his immigrant ancestor.
Next the conference center emptied out very fast and we headed down the hill to a service station that had a big sign Propane as one of our tanks was empty, but got there too late for them to fill propane tanks, so off on I-5 on our way to Ocean Shores.  Saw the Space Needle on our way through Seattle.

Got into Ocean Shores about 10:30, hooked up electricity and went to bed. Got up next morning and got the propane tank filled, and back to our lot at Ocean Shores. The deer are very tame there (no shooting area).

You can see days 1 and 2 here

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