Monday, September 22, 2014

Spotlight on the Whitman County Genealogical Society, Pullman, Washington

In the fall of 2014, the members of the Whitman County Genealogical Society marked their 30th anniversary with an anniversary cake and a delightful program. 

The WCGS formulated this mission statement when the group organized:  Our purpose since our founding in 1984 has been to create, stimulate and maintain interest in all matters pertaining to genealogical and historical knowledge. I don't think the group has waivered from that goal one little bit. 

The group meets in the Gladdish Community Center in Pullman, a lovely old building that used to be Gladdish School. 

In their genealogy library room (in the lower level of this building) they have the neatest thing..... a set of wooden file drawers from the courthouse where probate files used to be kept. The group shares this room with the Whitman County Historical Society..... a darn good partnership, seems to me. 

The Whitman County Genealogical Society publishes a newsletter digitally, has a nice little website ( and stands ready to help with any Whitman County genealogical or historical request that comes their way.  Monica Bartlett Peters is the current Research Chair; address your query to her. 

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