Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Leland Meitzler, Founder of Heritage Quest, Is Moving Home To Orting

Our WSGS secretary, Roger Newman, shares this information:

Leland Meitzler and family are moving back to Orting, WA. Coming with them is the business ‘Family Roots Publishing’. Here is his blog post about this: 

Further history from Donna Phillips: 

Leland was living in Orting, WA, when he first had the idea spark to found Heritage Quest Magazine back in about 1985. This magazine was the first of its kind (only other was The Genealogical Helper) and became an overnight phenomena. Leland received books for review from individuals and genealogical publishers and these books were the genesis of the Heritage Quest Research Library, which is now a thriving independent library.  (Check out this library in Sumner, WA, at

As Leland became more involved with Heritage Quest Magazine, and became nationally known as a speaker, he eventually decided to move his family and his headquarters to the Salt Lake City area. He partnered in turn with several genealogical companies which have long since disappeared but Leland has lasted. His latest incarnation is his Family Roots Publishing book-vendoring business. Check it out:

Leland's biggest brainstorm was the Salt Lake Christmas Tour  ( which is still going strong after 30 years. This annual December rendezvous in Salt Lake brings 70-90 folks each year to spend a week at the Family History Library. I have been honored and privileged to help with this annual tour for all these 30 years. 

We welcome home a long-lost Washingtonian! 

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