Friday, May 30, 2014

WSGS Recommends Another "Must Read" Blog

This is a link to James Tanner's Genealogy Star blog............. this is exactly the sort of timely and most important news and ideas that our WSGS wants to provide to all the genealogists of the area.

This is also the sort of information that our WSGS Region Reps might/should/could share with the contact person in each genealogy society in our region to re-send out to their members.

Mind you, I do not endorse copying/pasting other's work. My only intent for posting the complete link to that Genealogy Star blog post is to give you all the complete picture of what Tanner offers.

To thank you for checking out this link, here are some Calorie-Less Chocolate Chip Cookies for you!

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    1. James Tanner does a great job on his Blog Genealogy Star, and he also has a second Blog Walking Arizona, with wonderful pictures:

  2. Yes, I agree with Charles, James Tanner is excellent and has talked quite a bit about genealogy and identity theft issues.