Friday, May 23, 2014

Richardson, long-ago town on Lopez Island

I spotted this postcard in one of those "junque" shops on my trip that my daughter and I so love to visit. In case you cannot quite read it, it does clearly say "Richardson, Washington" in the upper left corner. The postcard shows a group of 37 men, women and children in front of what looks to be a schoolhouse? Or a church?

My curiosity being piqued, I asked Grandma Google (who knows most everything) to tell me about this town.

Seems it was on the south end of Lopez Island, in San Juan County, and derives its name from George Richardson who receives a land patent for this property on 25 Nov 1879. The Richardson family lived there only a few years but a thriving community there bearing that name continued to grow.

And how do I know? I went to, the Free Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History. There were five pages describing the history of this little, mostly long forgotten, place.

The article ended with this statement:  "In 2013 Richardson is a quiet spot overlooking the water at the end of Richardson Road (on Lopez Island)."

Anybody have ancestors who lived in Richardson? What shall I do with this postcard??

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  1. There are several others who would know this location. It looks like about 1895-1910. Looks like a photo I have seen of the Mud Bay School House (SE Lopez) or possibly the school 1 1/2 miles north of Richardson (old Grange Hall). By comparing other photos at the Lopez Island Historical Society (contact through Internet), someone may be able to correctly identify this photo. Gary