Monday, January 12, 2015

American Profile: "Who Are You?"

Back in November 2014, what used to be the Parade Magazine which came in the Sunday paper, and is now the American Profile Magazine, ran a most interesting article.

"Who are YOU? it's simpler than ever to trace your family roots----and discover your true self."

Nancy Hendrickson wrote this article; she is an editor at Family Tree Magazine, one of the best genealogical magazines available to us.

That Sunday article outlined these two points for starting your search:

Step One:  Interview.... ask family members what they remember and write it all down. Ask them about old photos, birth announcements, newspaper clippings or military papers.

Step Two:  Boot up.............. once you've gathered the basics, "hit the Internet," searching Google and Facebook to connect with living relatives. Then to begin really growing your family tree, visit or

Henrickson then gave short synopses of several success stories where a mother had found a long lost son, an adopted lady was reunited with her family and a proud Cherokee heritage was discovered.

Why tell you about this today? You noted that Henrickson offered only two steps to success. Family history made easier if you begin with baby steps. And since it is so easy, it's easier than ever to find answers and new cousins.

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