Friday, January 2, 2015

Our Washington State Regional Archives

I picked up this colorful flyer at the Yakima Museum when several of us attended the Seminar for Non-Profits offered to those sorts of societies of all sorts within Washington State.  (I sat next to a husband and wife team who were with the Washington Bee Keepers' Association.)

Two very nice gals from the State Archives were there handing out this flyer........ which I share with you today. 

Please notice that this flyer, these regions of the state archives, independent but partners with the Washington State Digital Archives housed in Cheney on the campus of Eastern Washington University.

The 2-story building there houses both the Eastern Washington Branch of the Washington State Archives and  the Digital Archives for the entire state.  Rather confusing at first, but it does make sense with time and thinking. 

So which branch of our State Archives would hold the county records for your ancestors????  Have you ever thought to contact them and/or visit for research? Perhaps that might be a good New Year's Resolution? 

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