Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lake Okanagan's Legendary Monster Ogopogo...... We Saw Him!

We recently spent a week up near Kelowna, British Columbia, which sits right on Lake Okanagan.

This huge, deep lake (721 feet at the deepest point) is home of the legendary lake monster, Ogopogo.

Just like with the Loch Ness monster, no official sightings have been documented of Ogopogo but I wish to share with those of you who live nearby that it's official! We did see him!!

We saw him in topiary form in front of a plant nursery!

We saw him as a metal sculpture on a highway interchange!

And we saw him at a tourist park!

But the best evidence of the existence of Ogopogo was this partial skeleton 
which I found near a partially submerged boat dock on Lake Okanagan.....

Our Lake Chelan, among others, might just be underground-connected with Lake Okanagan so we here in Washington cannot rest easy that Ogopogo would never surface in our lakes. Who knows??

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