Monday, October 27, 2014

WSU: Washington's Land Grant College

Washington State University was established as a Land Grant College in Pullman, Washington, some 75 miles south of Spokane. This means that it is an institution that has been designated by its state legislature or Congress to receive the benefits of the Morrill Acts of 1862 and 1890. The original mission of these institutions, as set forth in the first Morrill Act, was to teach agriculture, military tactics, and the mechanic arts as well as classical studies so that members of the working classes could obtain a liberal, practical education.

There was great need for agricultural education in the western United States. Pioneers of such education contended that ignorance was one of the causes of soil erosion and land degradation. After much debate over this land-grant-college should and should not be, President Abraham Lincoln signed the principle Morrill Act into law on July 2, 1862.

Ever since that time, the foundation knowledge of agricultural chemistry, soil science, and soil survey was consolidated at these colleges and disseminated to the community through student instruction and extension activities.

Certainly today WSU offers a hugely varied course selection. But at it's foundation, WSU was established as an agricultural institution. To wit:

The WSU Livestock Nutrient Management program targets dairy, beef, swine, and poultry, focusing on whole farm nutrient management. This involves the integration of animal nutrition, agronomy, crops and soils, engineering, and economics. In addition, the program has developed specific outreach for allied agriculture industry professionals. The combined value of these industries in Washington is approximately $2 billion annually.

No need to ever feel anything but great pride that you or your children attended Washington State University..... we all like to eat and thank goodness for those who provide it in every single way!

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