Monday, November 10, 2014

Chelan Valley Genealogical Society & Cemeteries on the Road to There

I was once again invited to spend a day with the small-but-eager group of folks of the Chelan Valley Genealogical Society on Saturday, November 8th. I'm pictured below with Maureen White, outgoing president. Chris Courtwright is the incoming president with Susan McKinnon as VP, Maureen White as secretary, and Sue Young as treasurer. They meet in the brand new Chelan Public Library's meeting room. The little group is struggling a bit; their website and Facebook page are a bit behind.

On my drive over and back I stopped to take photos at two cemeteries because I found them so picturesque. This first is in Douglas County and when I mentioned my stop to the group, Maureen spoke up that her grandparents are resting there!

This next was of the Hartline Cemetery in Grant County:

I think all of us who claim to be genealogists have an affinity for cemeteries. And we learn that no matter how seemingly rural or remote, they have flowers of remembrance and when talking to local folks, the dead resting there are remembered. My point is: They are dead but not forgotten, no matter that few ever see or visit their resting places.

We would welcome your cemetery photos for sharing on our blog. Send them to me, Donna, at


  1. I love these kinds of articles. I was thinking of offer my help with their websites.

  2. Bonnie, I'd bet they would love some "guru" help with their website and Facebook page. Go for it! Donna