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New Book Reports

The following books have been reviewed for the Yakima Valley Genealogical Society Bulletin and the Washington State Genealogical Society’s Blog by Richard Kyle and are available for purchase on-line from the Southern Historical Press at <>

The next issue of the YVGS Bulletin is December 1, 2014. The WSGS Blog can be found at
Obituaries From Tennessee Newspapers 1851-1899
by Jill K. Knight
434 pages and indexed
available from Southern Historical Press for $38.50 plus $5.00 shipping.
     This is a very valuable book to those doing Tennessee research in the 1851-1900 time period. The obituaries in this volume mainly come from microfilms of old newspapers held by the Tennessee State Library, but also include a large number from volumes and clippings owned exclusively by the author. They include newspapers from across the entire state. In addition, when available the author has added in additional data and insights. A large number of the obituaries contained in the book are lengthy and  full of detail, humor and pathos we normally don't see in today's obits. This volume is a very interesting read, even if you don't have family in Tennessee. The obits contained therein give a very colorful and vivid insight into the customs, morals and society of this time period. This would be a valuable addition to the bookshelf of any dedicated Tennessee genealogist.
Early Court Records of Columbia County, Georgia   1792-1840
by Mrs. F.F. Butler
151 pages and indexed
available from Southern Historical Press for $22.50 plus $5.00 shipping
     This volume provides a large amount of genealogical insight into the families that populated Columbia County, Georgia from 1792 to 1840. The extracts and records provided in this book were actually hand copied straight from the original records stored in the courthouse at Appling, Georgia. At a time where genealogical records of any type can be scarce, especially for the time period listed, this volume could hold the key to proving out lineages for people from this area. The court records included range from all types of probate proceedings to land transactions to civil and criminal court cases. An important book to consult or own if you have family from this county.
1790 Census of Kentucky
by Charles B. Heinemann
181 pages
available from Southern Historical Press for $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping
     In 1790 the first United States federal census of the country was taken. This first census included the name of the head of household and then listed other family members by number, age and category. During the War of 1812 the British burned the U.S. capital. One of the things destroyed in the fire was the 1790 census for the District of Kentucky. In an effort to at least partially recreate this census, the 1789 to the 1792 personal property tax lists held by the Kentucky State Historical Society were extracted and published in this publication. Because of the rarity of early Kentucky records for this time period, this volume is an important asset to anyone performing early Kentucky research. The listing in the volume are alphabetical and give the county where taxed and the tax date. A good reference item for the bookshelf for Kentucky researchers.
History of Truro Parish, Virginia (Fairfax County)
by Rev. Philip Slaughter
164 pages and partially indexed
available from Southern Historical Press for $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping
     This is a reprint of the original first published in 1907. Truro Parish, located in Fairfax County, Virginia, was established in the early 1700's and covered a large amount of the area of the Northern Neck of Virginia. The volume was written by using the original Vestry Books covering the time period from about 1732 to about 1802. At a time when the church was involved with a large number of items in the community, the book covers things from the administration of the parish to dealing with the poor. Although the book does not give a lot of genealogical data for the common parish member, it is rich in detail about the clerks and vestrymen who ran the parish. It is also a valuable book for giving the social insight of the power and effect the church exercised in the local community. Certainly a book you will want to read through and consult if you have family in this area.
Earliest County Court Records of Bedford County, Tennessee
by Helen and Timothy Marsh
188 pages and indexed
available from Southern Historical Press for $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping
     In 1863 there was a fire in the courthouse of Bedford County which destroyed a large portion of the county records, especially those records that pre-date 1848. This volume presents abstracts of the county court records from 1848 to 1860. Since the fire destroyed almost all of the wills, probate records, guardianship records, etc., these remaining court records are invaluable in helping identify family members and genealogical data. The authors have done a superb job of extracting out genealogical data from these records and the book is full of important details and family connections pertaining to deaths, probates, administrations and guardianships. If you have family in Bedford County, the data you need to prove your relationships may be included in this volume. It is certainly an important volume due to the large number of individuals and relationships covered. A "must look at" book for this area.

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