Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Query: Charles Brown m. Thursa Maneval in Whatcom County in 1902; Who Were His Parents?

Query posted to the Skagit Valley Gen Soc and forwarded to me from Hazel Rasar to share with all the genealogists in the WSGS region:
Robert Brown  wrote:
I have been searching for any information on Charles Brown.  Charles died 12 Feb 1941 in Sedro-Woollley.  He was married to Thursa Maneval.  I found a death notice on Family Search historical records which stated his father was Bruce Brown and his mother was Eliza Yoho.  The father that I had for Charles was Hiram Shepherd Brown.  The Hiram Shepherd Brown family was in Missouri in 1879 when Hiram Shepherd Brown died.  I would like to find an obituary for Charles or better some of his descendants.  Or, an old family bible record to settle who the Father was would be nice.  I am not sure who the father  since many old records used nick names and folk lore names rather than their  birth given names.  Any help in answering the father question would be greatly appreciated.
Ans:  Charles Brown with a wife of Thursa was not found in Skagit County  until the 1940 census.  He was married in 1902 in Lynden, Whatcom County.  He was located in Clear  Lake, Skagit County, WA on the 1940 census.  Both Charles  and  Thursa are buried in Union Cemetery in Sedro Woolley.  Funeral Home record lists the father of Charles as Hiram and this information was given by his 70 year old wife).
From Hazel:  This gentleman is attempting to determine what the father's actual name is.  We have found no evidence that the name Bruce should be considered, it is possibly a transcription error.  Anyone else having a different opinion is welcome. A Skagit County obituary is not readily available.    

NOTE:  A query is a query; in order for a query to be posted here there does not have to be an answer too. The idea is to get the query in front of more eyes in hopes of just the "right" eyes.  Donna

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