Monday, November 24, 2014

Who Is Reading the WSGS Blog??

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history
Folks are reading our WSGS blog!!!

The stats that I copied and pasted above for you are the stats from today on the website. (You cannot get into these stats.) The figures above mean that by 1:30pm today, seven folks had clicked to view the blog, and 421 clicked on last month. There are been 2,229 views since the blog began back in May. For sure, these are not fantastic figures, but they are a start. 

Susan Faulkner, WSGS Education Chair, and I have been working on the genesis of the Outreach Project. Phase One was to gather a viable email address and contact name for each genealogical society within the WSGS region. That list is mostly complete and Susan just sent out a letter explaining the aims and goals of the project.

With a database of contact people and emails, think how much more quickly the word can be spread about upcoming events in your society! You (or the contact person from your society) will email to me (Donna) a posting-ready blurb about your society's upcoming whatever, and I will asap post it on the WSGS blog. The contact person in each society is responsible for relaying the notice to all the members in their group. Think how quickly and how wide spread the word of YOUR event can go!

Susan Faulkner and I are quite enthused and excited about this project and how much good the WSGS blog can prove to be for all genealogical societies within the WSGS region. Hope you are too.

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